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"Sam's story" is an unforgettable debut novel that brilliantly succeeds in
capturing the many faces of man. It's a Jekkyl-and-Hyde kind of book
written in a lucid style laced with humour and sarcasm. The moving story
chronicles the life and times of Sam, the author's dumb friend, gardener,
gate and bottle opener all rolled into one, who's view of life undergoes a
radical transformation when he's forced to leave his rustic,
poverty-stricken, life-threatening life and home in a quite Sri Lankan
village and work in a huge house by a river owned by a rich man.
Through Sam's adventures --- and misadventures -- the story explores
man's racist nature, exposes his double standards, reveals his inherent
greed even as it painfully shows the futility of a war that's tearing the
tear-shaped island apart. When you put this unputdownable book down and
look up from the last page, it continues to linger around as you struggle
to fight the tears that threaten to roll.

Elmo Jayawardena is gifted new writer. This pilot-turned-author has his
head on his shoulders. He's street-smart, learned, sassy and funny. Talent
jumps out from the pages of this raw first work and Sri Lanka has found in
him a new star who's ready to take-off.

Patrick Michael
Editor Khalij Times - Dubai